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Check out these business below that we love to work with!

Mindful Me

Mommy and Me classes for babies and toddlers. These include Baby Massage, Stretch and Play class, Toddler Yoga & Play class, and My Sibling & Me class!

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Products We Love

Check out these products that we recommend to all of our clients!

Sleepea Swaddle

The perfect swaddle for a newborn that combines a velcro and zipper feature for swaddle escape artists!


Halo Sleep Sack

The Halo Sleep Sack is the perfect product to use once baby transitions out of their swaddle.


Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are perfect for on the go. They suction right onto the window and give the perfect amount of darkness.


Sleepout Home Blackout Curtains

The perfect blackout curtains for your home that are engineered in such a way to keep baby's room as dark as possible.


Hatch Rest

Sound Machine

This is a sound machine and night light all in one. It also has a time-to-rise feature to help your toddler learn when it's time to wake up.


Vava Baby Monitor

The Vava Baby Monitor is a favorite of ours! It is wi-fi free with a crystal-clear picture and two way talk system.


1. Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is extremely important for a child's development. The earlier your child is able to get the appropriate amount of sleep, the better effect it will have on them while they grow.

2. Will sleep training ruin my bond with my child?

Absolutely not! We help you implement methods for your child to learn healthy sleep habits in a caring way that encourages a deep bond. We always encourage lots of snuggles throughout the day and even during naptime/bedtime routines!

3. Will there be crying involved?

There typically is at least SOME crying involved (although, not always). Babies' way of objecting to change is by crying so it can become part of the process. Here at Little Slumbers Co we personalize your sleep plans in ways based on your child's temperament and your comfort levels.

4. How long can sleep training take before I see success?

The whole process can take about 1-2 weeks depending on the child (give or take). However, if you are consistent, you will begin to see major changes within the first 3 days.

5. Is it possible to sleep train my baby but still continue to nurse overnight?

Absolutely! Sleep training is teaching your baby how to fall asleep independently. And while we can work on night weaning and getting baby to sleep through the night, if you want to continue to nurse during middle of the night wakings that is perfectly ok! 

6. How early can I begin sleep training?

You can begin sleep training as early as 4 months! However, you can still implement healthy sleep habits with your newborn starting at birth! Our Newborn Dreams course is perfect for before baby is born, or within the first 4 months, to learn all about these sleep habits that can set your baby up for sleep success!

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